first batch

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item: vintage bizarro ice cream knitted sweater
price: $8 + shipping
condition: good vintage, knit has some pilling
brand: rene dabah for eva gitano
material: 100% acrylic
size: medium
sleeve: 18" (3/4 sleeves)
length: 20"
: 36"

this must be the strangest sweater i have ever found in my thrifting adventures. you would think it would say "yum," right? no, it's just "umm...."

i would wear this sweater every day it was cold enough -- if it wasn't too short for me. so give it a good home, because it deserves one.

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item: vintage pleated faux silk oversized blouse 
price: $10 + shipping 
condition: excellent vintage 
brand: lady sansabelt 
material: 100% polyester 
size: 12 
bust: 44" 
length: 26"

this blouse has elegant pleating across the chest with a single ornate button detail at the high-necked collar. although it's oversized, i rolled the sleeves and steamed creases into them to make it more wearable. when paired with a high-waisted skirt, it looks quite nice.

 please e-mail me at hydeparkvintage@gmail.com if you wish to purchase to either of these items or have any questions. purchase is on a first-come, first-serve basis. shipping is $6 within the continental US. although i am based in the US, i will ship to most countries, but it will cost slightly more. i accept paypal payments only. thanks!

hyde park vintage's inaugral post

greetings from austin, ya'll.

having become greatly frustrated with eBay as a way of selling the interesting pieces i come across in my frequent thrift store adventures, i have turned to blogspot instead. i will be listing both vintage and pre-loved items here, for whomever might be interested, where ever you are. questions may be directed to hydeparkvintage@gmail.com

relevant information: for those outside of the US wishing to purchase items, i am willing to ship most places although it may cost slightly more. i will be happy to discuss shipping costs upon the purchase of an item. payment for items may be made via paypal only. returns are accepted, but the buyer must pay the cost of shipping to return the item. i will do my best to accurately measure garments as well thoroughly inspect them for flaws and provide pictures of such, so hopefully returns will not be necessary.