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item: vintage bizarro ice cream knitted sweater
price: $8 + shipping
condition: good vintage, knit has some pilling
brand: rene dabah for eva gitano
material: 100% acrylic
size: medium
sleeve: 18" (3/4 sleeves)
length: 20"
: 36"

this must be the strangest sweater i have ever found in my thrifting adventures. you would think it would say "yum," right? no, it's just "umm...."

i would wear this sweater every day it was cold enough -- if it wasn't too short for me. so give it a good home, because it deserves one.

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item: vintage pleated faux silk oversized blouse 
price: $10 + shipping 
condition: excellent vintage 
brand: lady sansabelt 
material: 100% polyester 
size: 12 
bust: 44" 
length: 26"

this blouse has elegant pleating across the chest with a single ornate button detail at the high-necked collar. although it's oversized, i rolled the sleeves and steamed creases into them to make it more wearable. when paired with a high-waisted skirt, it looks quite nice.

 please e-mail me at hydeparkvintage@gmail.com if you wish to purchase to either of these items or have any questions. purchase is on a first-come, first-serve basis. shipping is $6 within the continental US. although i am based in the US, i will ship to most countries, but it will cost slightly more. i accept paypal payments only. thanks!

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